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The Institute

The Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Ibadan is devoted to promoting excellence and enhancing quality of research in the science.
The Science and Technology Foundation, a registered non-government organization under its charter, set up the Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IGCLM) in 2004.  Its beginnings lie in the well-known successful collaboration of many years standing dating back to the sixties between the Departments of Chemistry and Haematology of the University of Ibadan.  The Institute’s mission is to develop a research centre of excellence in genetic chemistry and laboratory medicine where scientists would be able to pursue research activities at a high level on the frontiers of knowledge studying the local genetic resources of humans, plants and animals through research capacity in a multidisciplinary environment that will promote appropriate responses to Nigeria’s and Africa’s most pressing health problems and also expand collaboration with advanced scientific centres in different countries.
Our research activities are based on working groups in selected focus areas of pure and applied chemistry in the understanding of biological systems and the laboratory practices of medicine.  Each working group is headed by an outstanding researcher able to mobilize fellows of the institute along with appointed nationally and internationally research associates, postdoctoral fellows and students, as well as operational funds and equipment from competitive grants from foundations, and contract research from client agencies of government and private organizations in order to introduce creative achievements in science for significant senior impact on the community.  The Institute is located midway between the University of Ibadan and University College Hospital and within two hours driving distance to Ile-Ife, Osogbo, Ogbomoso, Sagamu, Abeokuta, Lagos and Ilorin.  The Institute is therefore able to relate efficiently with the science, technology and health institutions in these cities and also serve as a reference research laboratory for  the science and technology community in this catchment ‘science’ area.  It has provided resource facilities and an independent quality assurance laboratory for these communities and beyond.
Over the last five years, the Institute has conducted seminars and lectures on important topical issues.  These lectures included ‘Nano-Medicine’, ‘Advances in Stem Cell Transplantation’ and ‘New Developments in Prostate Cancer Research’.  The Institute’s seminars included two on Quality Improvement: Issues in Laboratories in Nigeria (the second focused specifically on Blood Transfusion, following the Baby Eniola episode – an infant infected with HIV through blood transfusion – in Lagos University Teaching Hospital); one on the ‘Scientific Aspects of Avian Flu in Nigeria’ (following the first outbreak of the disease in Nigeria) and the most recent one on Diabetes and Metabolism’.

   Prof. Gabriel B. Ogunmola
   Institute of Genetic Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

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